Saturday, January 28, 2012

West Side Story

I went and saw the Sacramento Broadway version of West Side Story today. It was amazing, and since I had saved seeing the movie until after I saw the musical I was happy. It was meant to be. One of my moms friends just happened to not be able to go so I got the ticket. I've learned that I will also be going to Mama Mia in March and possibly Wicked in May. I got In-N-Out today too. Animal fries are so delicious. And once you get to the ends you can dip them in your chocolate milkshake! I had to have David over before hand and could not go to puppy class, but he went with my step dad an little brother. I forgot to ask him how that went. It was a boys day for them and a ladies day for us. It was a lot of fun today. I realized I'm like a puppy. If your my boyfriend, I need your full attention ad if I don't have it I feel left out and unloved. That was so weird! I've been reading my book that I chose for my book report and it is really good! I can't wait to get farther into it. I also have to watch The Mission for extra credit. I've heard it's very good. I think tomorrow is going to be more of a relaxing day. I watched Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures the cartoon this morning and I loved it. I also bought some more great songs on iTunes. My cat is sleeping at the foot of my bed and my boyfriend is on his way to a party with BW. I miss and love BW. lol that makes me want to watch Arthur. Lol BW, DW, get it? Haha I can't wait for my babe to send me drunk texts. Anyways I'll talk more later! I promise...

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