Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't be a Douche Bag

Boys have gotten to cocky and arrogant over the years. I feel like its just gotten worse and worse, and that they feel that they have to much more power over us. Like they are just so much stronger and more special. I need a guy to just come out and say "Wow you look really beautiful today." like that would ever happen right? Haha guys are just natural ass holes, its their way of life. How they live...Fuck Marshall! Haha. Don't be a douche bag. Please just get over your damn self and accept the damn nice gifts that are given to you because you ain't getting any nicer ones and you definitely aren't getting any more from me after that. I mean I've forgiven you and all, and I'm gonna play nice and not be catty but still why were you just such a Douche Bag. It's just like the song says. All you asses out there really should listen to that song "Don't be a Douche Bag" it will give you a whole new perspective and meaning to life. Boys like the ones in Elementary school who were sweet and caring and truly worried about you...those are the boys that us girls all wish you grew up to be...that's why we love kids Haha! Hm that kid E.D.M. that just walked in made me wonder...why to i blog? I mean I know its to get things out of my system because I don't tend to do that, but isn't there something more to this? I love to write...but never really about myself...I like to write Fiction. So this must really mean something to me, do something for me. To put my feelings out into writing and simply get rid of them. Makes me feel a little bit better. Shiv just joined me, at least I'll be amused for a little while right?...

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