Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Position (persision)

Well today was a good day. My boyfriend is being considered for a promotion to assistant manager. I really don't want any less time with him but I want him to get the job. He's having trouble with his bills and with his mom single an out of a job him and his brother have to pitch in. Shes spending her life savings to keep this family together. I mean I know the small raise won't help him to save their house but it could help with insurance bills and the like. And when he applies for better jobs later on in life after college it will be amazing experience and look great on is resume. I hate being stuck in the middle of things but here I am...he'll take the job. He'll get the job and I hope keep doing better and better until he can afford all he had ever hoped dreamed and wished for for him and his family. I love him.

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