Friday, January 27, 2012

Theres a German Shepheard Outside My Window

I finished My yearbook shit so all's good. I can start writing again thank god! I love to write and I can never wait to get to do it again. I'm trying to post at least three post a day and I want them all to be really long. I haven't quite gotten as long as I've wanted them but I'll be there soon I hope (that's what she said). Everyone around me is listening to country, and I have to say that I love that this school isn't judgmental. I love country music. Its nice having people who don't judge, but when they simply don't like you it doesn't make it much better. Anyways, enough about school. I can't wait to get home and relax, or go to Target and get those shirts that I want. To see my boyfriend, and go out and do something until he has to go and see his dad. For some reason even though him and his brothers live in EDH, they meet in Folsom. She isn't anywhere in sight. Also I have to get home on an eighth of a tank of gas and I'm not sure why, but the orange engine light in my truck is on. It kinda freaks me out but I feel like, and I've been told that I should be more worried about running out of gas rather than having engine problems. I am worried about the gas. If I run out, at least I don't ever take the free way so someone can always come and get me. I'm debating on using $20 of my own money to at least get to half a tank, and then have my parents pay me back when they get home. I'll call my mom later to ask. That's probably what I'll do. Bull Shit my boyfriend just texted me saying that he gets off work at 5 and his dad wants to meet him at 5:30...that means I'll only be able to see him for about 20 minutes at most. Well that sucks. tomorrow I have puppy training from 1-2, and he has work at 5 so that leaves at most two and a half hours. Also on Sunday he works the same hours. This weekend is going to suck ass, not as much as last weekend with A, but pretty bad. I suppose that I'll be doing homework, and watching Dexter. I need the time for homework anyways. That reminds me that I need to go to the school library right after class because I switched book report books. I need to get started because I have to do a book report and a 8-10 page research paper in two weeks. I need all the time I can get. I think I'll finish the book and the report then have all the extra time to focus hard on this research paper about Juan Peron. I just went from Shirley Temple to "Mack the Knife" by Michael Buble. Haha! What a change that was. And now onto "Heads Will Roll" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The glitters all wet! I feel really bored, and so does everyone else. We don't have the right pictures t start new pages so we are all stuck doing nothing in these classes. I believe that this is the longest blog that I have written so far which really excites me. I told you earlier that I had a lot to write about today and I wasn't kidding. We listen to the weirdest music here on Youtube, and this teacher is so lenient. I love him. He's the best teacher ever, otherwise I'd be getting my Ipod taken from me for a whole 24 hours which would really end up being until Monday and I can't wait that long for my Ipod, my baby. That's too long to be away from my music! By the way if you read the description of a Leo, it describes me almost exactly. I'll paste one later. So this is getting really boring...I'm sure for you readers too. So I'll write more later. <3

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