Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Means War

So I'm sick at home today and I really don't feel good. All I can think to do it is my Econ homework because I need to study. I bet She never studies. She gets amazing grades and when someone does better than her you can just see her get a little annoyed. Like on this test we took for biochemistry. When she read the number on my test wrong and thought that I did just a little better than her she flipped out! You could tell that really bugged her that I could possibly do better than her on a test. I feel like she thinks I'm stupid. And when she starts laughing when she sends S a text when I'm standing right next to both of them having a conversation because she is saying something about what I just said that she doesn't have the guts to say to my face. She doesn't want to start war with me and I'm trying really hard to hold back but the way she is acting is killing me inside and it could get dirty really fast. She contradicts herself constantly. It's the most annoying thing a person could do. The best thing would be for her to leave me alone because personally I'm about to bitch slap that hoe across her pretty little face.

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