Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you Ever wish you could walk on the ceiling?

Because I just think that would be so cool. Just to walk on the ceiling. Mrs. N was really really rude to S.K.P. And T.T. Today I mean she really went all out on them. She was like "ok can we continue now?" i mean this is seminar. We are supposed to speak put minds and our opinions and personally I normally agree with T.T. Also I was completely boxed out of the circle today. I was the last to be sat next to and it ended up being a teacher and junior boys. Shit really you all hate me that much? I mean it's ok if you do but could you at least say it to my face and not just ignore the fact? It's full on bull shit. I can be alone it's fine but I like to know who my real friends are. Anyways She. Left her scarf in the math room today and I'm pretty sure someone took it. I was going to bring it back to her because it was really pretty and I know what it's like to loose things you really like. But when I went back to get it it was gone. I felt bad I mean I know I really don't like her but she deserves to have her stuff. I hope she's the one that took it back....

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