Monday, January 30, 2012

Dont Forget to Sever the Head

Don't get me wrong. I love this calss' ideas, I really do, but there's some big issues. If we were to go somewhere really sunny and hot, yes I could dress all covered up and under the shade. All you will be swimming and in your bathing suits and having fun. I'll be by myself because I'm allergic so I can't go out in the sun like that. Not to mention how hot it would be. I'd be alone for the whole trip. Plus I'm afraid of large bodies of water like that I'd only let it go up to my knees even if I was willing to risk cancer. I suppose though, I'd be alone no matter where we went because none of you decide to hang out with me. Plus the teacher hates me so that just adds to the hate. It simply wouldn't be worth it. Math was so much fun today. We played black jack as our lesson. We learned to count cards and I suppose add really fast. Sometimes, I think my boyfriend is the only one who truly cares for me outside some of my family. I just want this yea to be over, and trust me, on senior send off and graduation, I WON'T be crying. Its not worth it. None of you is worth it accept D.N. Its not as simple as saying that I don't like you. Its not as simple as saying that you've all hurt my feelings. You guys have done o much more than that and in a way it helped me. You taught me that no one should be trusted, that the world is full of problems and hate and that it will never get better, it will keep getting worse, and that your social problems that are making you feel mentally insane, are nothing compared to that cunning manipulative whore her' stupid middle school friend problems that will be gone by tomorrow. I feel like I've learned what the world really is, what its worth, and when she. and the rest of you whiny bitches are thrown out into it, I'll be the only one left standing tall. Sometimes I feel sorry for you bitches, but then I think about all those things that you never did for me and I just say "Forget it!" There's very few people in this world that I actually wish something good for. And the rest of you can all get your asses burned in HELL. Your scum and your not worth the time that anyone is taking on you. Your not worth my time or my hurt feelings. Your not worth me feeling sad over what you think about me, or even caring. Life sucks, and I've already gotten used to it. I wanna see how well you do. I wish I could watch you in my shoes for a day, see how you like it. Your all shit eating ass fucking little whore bitches, period...

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