Sunday, June 24, 2012

High School Never Ends

So this is what it's like after graduation. The school and the girl you hate most call your house and accuse you of stealing a stupid shirt that you just happen to have. It's not my problem you lost your shirt. Just because I have the same one doesn't mean that I stole it. We talked about it at school already. I already told you where and when I got it and even had a witness to say that he was there when I got it. Honestly that is the most ridiculous thing that could have ever happened. Then I text you and talk about it and you say to me that it would be something that I would lie about. What about everyone else in the class? They don't ever lie about shit. Seriously this is not how I was looking to spend my summer, and now my parents think I'm a lying thief. Thank you KANYON SMITH. I hate you I really really do. Don't pull the pitty card either because your hurting me I haven't purposely done any shit to you. End of story.  GOOD BYE YOU FUCKING NO GOOD PEICE OF SHIT HIGH SCHOOL CLASS (except for a select few).

Sunday, June 10, 2012


So when they said, "Hey, you are going to go on that senior trip and have the time of your life. You'll bond and have a blast on the beach." and I said' "No, I hate sand, I don't like my class, I'm afraid of water, I'm allergic to the sun, and thus I'll be indoors alone at all times. Knowing our class I wont be allowed to be unsocial or be on electronics hardly ever so what is the point in me going on this trip?" It ended just as I thought it would. Five minutes after being here I get stuck on a couch with the one person I absolutely hate with a burning passion. As if that wasn't enough my aloe bottle cracked in my suitcase and spilled blue goop all over my things. I spent my day sleeping and attempting to read and blog. I've been indoors in my room by myself all day. Only when I go down to eat are there people that aren't at the beach. It's like I'm home, but no one that I know is around, and I'm under house arrest. I can feel a migraine coming on. I feel like I'm going to puke and this is literally the worst trip I have ever been on. I just want to get into a coma until Thursday in time to pack and leave with the class. By the way, I dyed my hair like red velvet cake like I've been telling you all that I've wanted to do for a very long time. People are finally beginning to realize how selfish she really is though. She has so much money that she can throw around that she's just not used to not getting what she wants. She can go out and buy the most expensive makeup and clothes, thinking we're lesser because we can't, or according to her we just won't. Honestly no matter how much expensive shit she buys, it will never make her beautiful on the inside. It's not that I don't try my best to be nice and get along, but some of the things she says and does to me isn't worth the pain of holding all this in. We can't get the code on our door to work so we aren't supposed to shut the door or people can't get in and out of our suite. Can you guess who keeps shutting the door? That's right! You've guessed it! She does! Get me out of this damn shit hole. I'm ready to go home.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Feel...

I feel so much more vented. Acting seems to help me let off steam. I feel like not being myself helps me let out all my emotions. I'm using someone else's charger for this computer right now and it says it's charging but I can't tell if its really working or not. I mean honestly the guys in my class have matured faster than the girls. That is crazy. I guess that's what Waldorf does to you. I realized that blogging really does calm me down. I need this and I will never ever give it up. I feel special. When I write I feel like I can say anything and people may read it and care or not. It makes me feel giddy thinking that someone reads this, but I doubt that anyone other than the two people I know that I gave this website to are reading these posts. I doubt that anyone else could even find this website with out knowing exactly what it's called. I feel like I'm talking to a therapist because I keep saying I feel...Yeah bitchen....bye

Last Day

Ok some serious shit has gone down today and to be honest I'm more ready than ever to get out of here. I have realized that these people are so much more immature than I had ever known a senior could be. It's almost as if they don't respect my personal space. They don't realize when they've gone too far. Its something they honestly need to fix or they won't have any good friends when they move on from high school because everyone in college is going to think they're immature bitches. The only people they'll be able to hang out with will be immature high schoolers, barbie wannabes, and whores. Those would be the only people stupid enough to hang out with someone like that. It's more than I can fathom at the moment. Going on stage. I'll write more later I promise.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday School

It's not the kind of Sunday school that you normally think of. Rather than being at a church, I'm at school. I'm sitting here on my lap top doing nothing. Again, this is for the senior play at the school. Again I am stuck here with nothing to do, and no one to talk to. It's so hot here in California in the summertime and I feel like I am dying of thirst. Unfortunately I have nothing to drink and thus my mouth is beginning to feel very dry. Just typing about it is making me that much more conscious of how thirsty I really am. The air in this small room is so stuffy and the one fan that is attempting to circulate the room isn't helping in the least bit. We haven't gotten as far in the play as we had anticipated, but I hope we are still going to end at the same time. Nine is late for me. Especially when I have to wake up at six to be at school on time. Some people just get worse and worse. More selfish and less caring of the close people they hurt along the way. So many people are becoming more and more whoreish and slutty. It's almost too much to handle.