Friday, January 27, 2012


So I'm at my boyfriends house searching through all his year books and old keepsakes. He is so cute, and when he was little he looked exactly like his brothers. His cousin and aunt and uncle are here. His aunt is his moms twin sister. His family is so big and pretty and amazing and I am so jealous. I mean, I love him so much, but I am deathly jealous of his family. I would trade him any day...except for my grandpa, grandma, and mother. But other than that, any day Navarrete any day. He's mad because A didn't sign his year book Junior Year of high school. He's saying if he doesn't find the signature he's going to make A sign it now. Haha what a cutie. He's complaining to A right now, texting him. We'll see what he says; if he cares at all.

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