Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let Me Explain

I haven't really told you anything about myself. Hi...haha. I'm Audrrinna and this is my blog (well obviously). I love to play piano and sing. Especially jazz and r&b. My boyfriend is a handsome Hispanic guy (I have a huge thing for Hispanic guys like Antonio Banderas). I live in California. I love to travel. My favorite place to be is Santa Cruz. I love music and the 80s. My favorite colors are aquamarine and sea foam green. I'm a natural blonde and have, as I'm told, beautiful blue eyes. I have an adorable yorkie named Cole, and five cats, Lilly Ann, Delilah, Chap, Spot, and Ethel. I want to own a ranch when I grow up with cows and pig and horses and buffalo and maybe some mule. I hate birds. I'm afraid of water. I hate open spaces and love tight crowded ones. I'm very brutally honest and open. I don't like to argue a lot. I love stuffed animals. I go to an art school. I have few friends I trust. My favorite relative is my grandpa. Lastly I love to dance...

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