Thursday, April 23, 2015


Shouldn't he love me the same no matter what my weight? He'll say that every once in a while but the comments he makes about my tummy or how he just wants a skinny girl tell me otherwise. I just want to be everything he wants but realistically it takes a year to lose the amount of weight that I want to lose and I'm trying to lose it in three months. I've already lost 10lbs at an unhealthy rate to try to show him I really am trying and still I don't feel like that's really enough for him, like he doesn't even really see the progress I'm making. I guess that's how boys are? I don't know what to do anymore I just wish I could cut it all off. I'd get lyposuction if I had the money for it but I don't. This is going too slow I'll never gain his full attention and love and lust before he moves. I'll never be good enough and he'll find someone better and it's all because of my weight.

-Lots of Love

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