Friday, April 24, 2015

Couples counseling

I hope this helps. I'm really nervous that talking about it again even in this safe of an environment will only make things worse. I still feel like he puts other people and their feeling before our relationship and me. That's something we will have to work on. I almost feel like I can't breath and I'm going to vomit. I get this way all the time when I'm nervous. Lately it's been happening more often. I just want to be happy again and trust him again and feel like I'm really beautiful again. All these insecurities that I have are really bringing down our relationship. I know that he feels like this is mostly his fault but I feel like I caused most of his issues or at least caused them to surface full blown crazy. If he ever left me again I don't know what I'd do. He is the one and I know it. I need him to feel secure and sure. I need him to like what I look like. I need him to stop comparing me. 

-Lots of Love

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