Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bimbo and Douchebag Competition

So my boyfriend and his friends started a competition on who could be the most douche bag or bimbo twitter user and I said straight out that I could win. The fact is I did win, by a lot. They have hated me all along and I never even noticed. My boyfriend said that when we broke up for a day all they said was you'll get over it, and when I won the competition they said that the only reason that he even let me hang out with them or join their competition or any of that was because he's whipped. You know what? They can all just go fuck themselves. They are such ass holes. My boyfriend needs to cleans his life and seriously get some new friends. I feel really bad for home. Almost all of his friends are ass holes to me and him and he doesn't really care or do much about it. I try to help him and he knows whats wrong with them but he wont even try to get new friends. It breaks my heart to see what he has to put up with every day, but I suppose that is his way of life. Course classes end on friday then the play starts that meant we don't start school until 8:30 AM and get an hour lunch at 12:15! So excited. Still not looking forward to Senior trip and am still planning to get out of it. It will happen. End of story.

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