Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shut the HELL up

I don't want to hear it. I have my opinions and that's that. I don't need any of your input because I can do it all n my own. I know how to manage, I've learned. I think that you all are thinking about how stupid I am and that I'm just another bimbo know it all bitch, but truthfully get to know me before you start talking that shit. Give me a fucking chance before you turn me down. I can't wait till college. I'm ready for this shit. I'm ready to go out, and make my own rules. I'm ready to be out past fucking 11. i'm ready to be out in the world partying and happy. Ha. Don't make that fucking face at me. I may be a bitch but at least I'm honest. I mean you don't have to lie to be nice. That's not truly being nice. Seriously stop looking at me and laughing. Your the bitch here. Really this is fucking bull. Get out of here. Take a picture and throw darts at it but please stop staring at me. Really I'm not that pretty please stop :p. Fuck off. Better yet, go fuck yourself on a webcam. I am so tired of your bitchy looks and you dumb ass comments. You and my ass hole neighbor should get married. You'd be perfect for each other. You both have this unspoken hate towards me and both try to make me seem like and idiot. Maybe you two could start plotting out plans together. Dane Cook always has a way of making me feel better I have to say. And he's not really that bad looking either. I think I'm really tired and that's why I am so pissy today. I have to say that if Italian, frozen yogurt, and fruit never existed, I would be so much skinnier. those deffinatly are my weaknesses. I feel bad for the little kid class next to our room we are using because my class is in there blasting the song "shots" on the piano and drums and the poor little kids are in band in the next room. Crystal Castles. That's the band for me. I love dancing to them. I am wearing a skirt today, which I don't do very often. Let me tell you, I remember why I never wear them, especially with out shorts underneath, because you can't do shit in skirts and dresses. I feel like this blog is just going to drag on forever because I keep adding onto it through out the day. And it's all random, and the subject changes make no sense, but why should I care because this is my blog and I can write it however I want to right? What are they even saying in the song "Air War"? Is it supposed to mean something because from what I do understand them saying it makes no sense. I love the singer Lights. Her voice makes me so happy. I <3 U. ForEver. If this war is never ending, I'll take this love down with me like a banner. I think that I want to bring my ipod speakers tomorrow, maybe to sing along with. I love to sing. Just not in front of anyone. I am afraid of rejection in that area. I am so glad I don't have to sing in the play, I would turn so red and start to shake and you'd be able to hear it in my voice and it would just be very bad. So yum. I just ate my lunch, water, a fiber 1 bar, and a pear. And now I"m listening to shuffle on my itunes. Its an O.K. day I suppose. Ddd. I love art. I've gained a new idol. I'm not sure if I've named her but her name is Ariana Grande. She's absolutely gorgeous. That word is so weird. Gorgeous. Its spelled weird. I'm sitting in an empty room and its weird because everyone is out to lunch. I have the wierdest taste in music. If you were to listen to my ipod on shuffle, you'd think it was a mix of like five different people at the lest. It's insane. My arms get cold in February air. Someone is seriously going to get their ear bitten off today. I swear. Twinkle twinkle little Star ship.

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