Friday, February 3, 2012

Lucky has never been my middle name...

Really? You keep looking over here? you make it way to obvious to me. What? do you think that I don't see you staring a me. Just take a picture, or even better, forget about me, because no matter how much you stare at me, I'm still not going to want to talk to you. I want school to be over so I can just get rid of her. I really need to do homework tonight. LOTS of it. I need to not only read and begin that 5 page review, but I also need to begin my research paper and to a hell of a lot more research for that. I think that I am going to borrow this lap top until after lunch....or at the least until next class. The teachers are forcing us to miss a class so that the girls can get together and have a circle about working together and helping and supporting each other. "It's not just about what happened with you...but..." that's all she said. Do you not think that all the girls are already going to know that that whole thing is because of me? Your putting me out there, putting me on the line, and I'm going to fall further into a social shit hole. Thank you so much I mean really all your help has made everything so much worse. I love that. Thank you, thank you, Fuck you. You fucked me over even more for the rest of the year. Anyways, S.K.P. has a  really nice shirt on today. I really like it the color.

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