Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I babysat the cutest kids last night. They were the funniest kids ever. I was scared of feeding the boy though a tube but it wasn't as hard as I had thought. The girl and me know each other already. She used to be in my moms class. The boy was 19 and the girl was 12. Both were special Ed. The girl and me always end up laughing our heads off. We laugh at each other laughing and that just makes everything worse. We watched the old Hairspray, Elmo's sing along guessing game, and Tangled. The boy watched the same Disney sing along tape the whole time I was there. He walked around sometimes, but only in circles around the house. If he finds you sitting down he will come sit on your lap. I think he is one of the happiest and most content kids I have every met. They are so easy to take care of despite what people would think. The girl just makes me crack up, we both end up laughing our heads off till we cry. This is one thing I love about life. Little kids are cute, and simply don't give a damn. That's why I love the show Seriously Funny Kids!! The girl's parents went to a Clue party. She made a dress with added purple sparkly fabric. We pinned the extra on the girl like a dress and now there is purple glitter all over me, her, and the rest of the house.Today I am going to see chronical, and I am also going to a super bowl party with my boyfriend. Unfortunately the party is at the house of the ONE friend of his that I really do not like. I said I would go anyways and try my best to play nice. I feel like this weekend has flow by. I've had so much to do and it's been hectic. One thing after the other. But I miss these kinds of weekends. I don't have them very often now. Anyways I'll type more later...

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