Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guy's Mind

OK, I do have a guys mind. And now that that's said, I have obsessions with Christina Aguilara, Megan Fox, and especially Audrina Patridge. She has the same name as me, and she's hot, how could I not love her. Anyways I made my own Collage for a wallpaper all of her. My boyfriend let me borrow his lap top and thus I have my own user on it. I am Dexter Morgan :) and my little icon is a picture of him. For some reason my boyfriend must be dead asleep because he wont answer my facetime calls!! Maybe his ipad is on silent. I'll try calling his cell phone. He better freakin answer this time. His cat and dog are so cute! And he talks to them like they are his babies it's adorable. He really is more of a girl in this relationship than I am. I am going to make my boyfriend a wallpaper of Megan Fox pictures!! Till later...

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