Wednesday, February 20, 2013

26 going on 4

Who gave you the fucking right to be acting like a four year old? Your 26, your the eldest of the three boys, and you live at home. Mind you this is under your mothers roof and since you don't help her out in any way even though she's loosing  her house, you have to live under her rules. She wanted to get rid of the dog, and we were tired of seeing it being neglected and shoved in the garage for 12 hours a day. We were trying to help her for the better of her health because you didn't have the time to take care of her. You can't be mad at us for doing what your mom asked, and frankly doing the right thing. So what do you do to get over loosing your dog? You don't talk to anyone that's for sure. No. Here's what you do. You disappear for a few days, then lock yourself in your room and change your mother's WiFi password. The worst part is you start taking out your rage on another poor innocent animal. You take my bf's cat and you pour water on her, push her, throw away all her food, shove her food bowl in the kitty litter, throw away all her extra liter, her litter box, her brand new scratching post, and anything else you can find and then you decide that since your huge pitbull that was living in the garage all day had to be sent back to the pound because of neglect that your brother's cat who is well taken care of and well loved and even easier to take care of because cats don't need walks or as much attention as dogs, should now also be taken, not to the pound, but so that you can drop her off on the street somewhere far away. What the hell is wrong with you. How could you possibly think that it's o.k. to take out your anger on animals? I mean really are you four years old? You need to grow the fuck up honestly because your sick. That cat did nothing to you and you have no right to take the anger that you have because of something that your mom and your brother did out on an innocent animal. Also, just to let you know, if I decide to call the cops, as of 1988 in California you can receive up to a 3 year sentence or a $20,000 fine for animal cruelty.

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