Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Are you for real?

I was pissed off last summer when you sent me away to San Diego with about 50 people that I absolutely hated and now your making me go to mexico. Honestly, the people I can avoid, the sun, sand, and water, I can't. I am already making myself a happier person but on the inside, I'm not doing so great. I finally got to a place where I'm feeling good, loosing weight, dieting, happy, making friends, and all around better that I was senior year and you decide to drag me away from the only thing that's making me happy. For what? To keep me cooped up in a hotel room for a week because I'm afraid of water, hate sand, and get serious rashes not to mention serious burning from the sun. I mean honestly, what compelled you to want to drag me to a place that is not only all those things, but JUST all those things. I honestly feel like I"m alone here. Do you not see how I'm going to suffer. I see how you really care, you're just ignorant at times. Try looking at things through my eyes. I'm no a happy person in a happy place, I'm miserable  and to take me somewhere for a week where I'll hate even more than San Diego, is cruel. It's not that I don't love you or think that you don't love me, it's just that sometimes I think you'd rather throw me under the bus to make you three happy then do one thing to make me happy.

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