Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's Up With the World

I know it seems like a good idea. I know that you want to feel young again, and relate to your teenage children. I get it. You want to be the "cool mom," but that doesn't give you the right to go strutting around in your short shorts and everything low cut Abercrombie brand. Your daughter or son doesn't want to see you in that and neither does the rest of the world. Also, if you have fat rolls, which, I'll admit that I have, you cant wear tight shirts. It doesn't work that way. And PLEASE moms if your daughter is over 5 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT wear matching outfits. Guys, if you don't have a 6 pack, no one wants you to wear muscle Ts, honestly. I mean it's enough that your not even trying to keep in shape, but you don't have to show it off. It's ok, we all know whats there no matter what you wear. We just don't want to see it. This isn't the 90s but I appreciate your long shoulder length curly hair and your Pink Floyd Tshirt. I know it's the cliche thing to say but I am the best girlfriend ever because I am so let loose. I let my boyfriend do whatever he wants and he totally agrees you can ask him if you want.

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