Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Summer is almost over, but I can feel the heat rising. As uncomfortable as the weather is, I'm glad school is starting and I'm glad it's a brand new one. I am ready to start fresh and be a new person, just like the transition between 8th and 9th grade. I need this year to be good or else I am going to explode. I bought a new backpack style, new style of clothing, and even decided on a new way to organize things in my back pack. I know that sometimes things are meant to be hard because they are life challenges, but honestly,  who knew you could have so many of them in one life time. It's quite a feat and I can't imagine how the people and children with serious life issues are dealing with it. David is reading me "The Series of Unfortunate Events" out loud. I have been missing two of the books since they finished the series and I finally got them. Therefore I now have to start the series over in order to finish it. This is where the bull shit ends. It's the end of fucking High School and that crap is over. Everyone have a good ass life because college is coming and when I make my new friends I am not coming back to you all. I hope all the shit you said and all the rumors you spread were worth it because there is no turning back or apologizing now. This year I am out to make real friends, like life friends. My goal for the new school year is to gain a new group of amazing friends or reconnect with my really good friends from middle school. I miss those days. All the cake make up, fake boobs, wannabes can finally leave me alone because I have enough self esteem to finally say fuck off. My neighbor, the ass hole one, the 40 year old guy who makes fun of kids and calls them names, finally stopped talking to me and bothering me after I flipped him off on the fourth of July in front of his entire family because he was yelling at me and shot illegal fireworks straight at my house and precious truck. Anyway, that's all I have time for today, but I'll write tomorrow, if the mermaids don't eat me first...

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