Thursday, August 23, 2012


I think I might start a Vlog. It seems like fun, and the criticism will prepare me for the real world. In case you are someone like David who has no idea what a vlog is, it's a video blog. I love myself and all, but I am determined to loose about 40 lbs and I don't care if it takes two years, I am going to make it happen because I am not at all happy with the way I look. I am going into college and I need to start taking care of myself if I want to look good. I need to get thin quick and love myself. My boyfriend is such a dork talking about how much BUTT he kicks with his friends on Battlefield 3...whatever that is. I mean honestly what is it that kids play these days I'm still stuck on Crash Bandacoot, Spyro, Sims, and Rayman. I don't know if I have the guts to keep walking around at this weight. I don't feel healthy at all, and I am trying my best to fix that. My senior pictures kinda made me see how bad it's really gotten. I have gained two pant sizes in the past year and it's just not right. Not to be mean or anything but the whole gaining weight thing started when I started to date my bf. I know that no one really reads this and I wish that I could change that. I'm not really sure who I can trust anymore. It's hard to trust anyone. Maybe I'll send the link to just a small few. A good select group that I can trust the most. I should have never trusted anyone this past year...or since the 6th grade. After elementary school it all went down hill. I was never able to make the right friends, the good ones, or any at all. It was a huge issue for me and I am completely changing myself this year so that that changes. I need someone there that I can talk to. A girl friend not a guy this time. My past is simply lessons that have been learned and I plan to move on from that point. I fall for the same tricks but this year that wont happen. I will be very picky about who I choose to trust and if you are reading this blog right now that means that you are one of the few people that I would trust my life with. I love you guys. <3 till tomorrow...or later tonight after the midnight showing of premium rush.

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