Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Feel...

I feel so much more vented. Acting seems to help me let off steam. I feel like not being myself helps me let out all my emotions. I'm using someone else's charger for this computer right now and it says it's charging but I can't tell if its really working or not. I mean honestly the guys in my class have matured faster than the girls. That is crazy. I guess that's what Waldorf does to you. I realized that blogging really does calm me down. I need this and I will never ever give it up. I feel special. When I write I feel like I can say anything and people may read it and care or not. It makes me feel giddy thinking that someone reads this, but I doubt that anyone other than the two people I know that I gave this website to are reading these posts. I doubt that anyone else could even find this website with out knowing exactly what it's called. I feel like I'm talking to a therapist because I keep saying I feel...Yeah bitchen....bye

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