Sunday, June 24, 2012

High School Never Ends

So this is what it's like after graduation. The school and the girl you hate most call your house and accuse you of stealing a stupid shirt that you just happen to have. It's not my problem you lost your shirt. Just because I have the same one doesn't mean that I stole it. We talked about it at school already. I already told you where and when I got it and even had a witness to say that he was there when I got it. Honestly that is the most ridiculous thing that could have ever happened. Then I text you and talk about it and you say to me that it would be something that I would lie about. What about everyone else in the class? They don't ever lie about shit. Seriously this is not how I was looking to spend my summer, and now my parents think I'm a lying thief. Thank you KANYON SMITH. I hate you I really really do. Don't pull the pitty card either because your hurting me I haven't purposely done any shit to you. End of story.  GOOD BYE YOU FUCKING NO GOOD PEICE OF SHIT HIGH SCHOOL CLASS (except for a select few).

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