Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Super exciting week

So I had to go to the ER on Sunday night because I was having serious stomach pains. The pained started around one, but only got really bad around eight. The problem was that the pain was shifting to my lower right side and was getting really severe. We thought that I might have appendicitis and the only place that was open at ten was the hospital. We got there and spent forever trying to figure out what was wrong. I got my first IV and CT scan. I was in so much pain until they gave me morphine. We found out that my bowels were infected and awoken lymph-nodes were causing the pain. The real problem was that I had my first day of school on Monday and couldn't go because I didn't get home till 3 an I was on pain medication. I went to school on Tuesday, but the first and second class had the same lecture so I went home early. I had my first full day of school today and since I really like history it was fine.

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