Wednesday, June 19, 2013


A lot of people take vacations with their friend with out adult supervision, especially now that they are in college. I thought that this would be my year to do that. I was going to go to my grandparents with a couple friends and visit, and for my birthday I was going to go to Santa Cruz with a few of my close friends for three days. I have been waiting for trips like these my entire life. I've been invited on trips like these, but my parents never trusted me so I was never allowed to go. I love taking road trips and it has been my dream for the longest time just to travel to random places with the people I hold the closest. I feel like around my friends I can be myself but if I'm around family I have to hold back and try to be "good." It really isn't fair and that is why I cannot wait to move out. The problem is I just got a job. That gets rid of all my summer trips. I also realized that I am going to have to be in community college for another year and a semester which is a semester more than I had planed. That gives me time to save so that I can move out. It's a long time to wait for some freedom seeing as I have already waited 18+ years for this little bit of freedom. I need to get out of here before my head explodes. I feel trapped. Even though our house is large I feel claustrophobic and overprotected as if we are living in a one room cabin. I feel like the only way to escape my family is to go to school and that's why I take the maximum amount of units every semester including summers. I really appreciate all that my parents do for me, but I really need some independence. I'm ready to move on.

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