Friday, June 14, 2013

I Hate You

I hate people who park wrong and I hate people who set off firecrackers at all times of the day and I hate people that don't clean up their TP lawns but rather blow it with a leaf blower all over everyone elses and I hate people who think that it's funny to stare and whisper and I hate people that judge me because of my weight and I hate companies that don't carry plus sized just so that they can keep their "image" and I hate friends who are super flakey and I hate small cars and I hate motorcycles that park in the car spaces when there are designated motorcycle spaces open in the first row and I hate people who are watching a movie on a plane and then recite everything that is happening to their relative next to them I mean why cant your relative just watch the damn movie too and I really hate people who don't look at you when your talking to them and I hate bees and I hate water and I hate watches and I hate adults who think it's OK to make fun of children and pick on them even if it's their own kids too and I hate people who say that Disney is crap and it has all these hidden messages and its wrong and disturbing I mean did you see that when you were little and watched those movies? were you just a little 5 year old searching for sexual innuendos in all  your cartoons stop it and I really hate people that don't like songs by a certain person but can't admit that even though their songs may suck they still have a good voice and I hate people who stare at you at the gym I mean don't you have anything better to do stop looking at me because I don't want to have to stare back until your creeped out and I really really really really hate girls who act like their stupid boys don't like you better if your dumb so seriously just stop being an air head and I hate guys who drive crappy cars and then rev their engines like they are so cool stop it your car is ridiculously shitty and no one cares and I hate obnoxious and loud neighbors that are up at all hours of the night sitting outside talking or using power tools or throwing really really loud stupid high school parties stop not before I call the cops for a noise complaint and if you get caught under age drinking too well all the better for me and I hate people who rake their leaves into the storm drain bitch this is not Portland there is no service coming by to pick up your leaves and I hate people who see you walking and as they drive by they yell something out their window I mean really even if your complimenting me that is the most annoying turn off in the entire world and I hate people who think they are so cool because they have a lot a money or only wear name brands like no one gives a fuck what your wearing and people are going to use you for that money if you flaunt it like that and I hate cocky guys who can't get a girlfriend but they act like your lesser than them and they could get another girl in seconds I mean jerk you be like 3 inches shorter than me and you a lil chubby and your whinny you don't take good care of your dog you've had her for two years and she's still not potty trained I'm going to call animal control on you douche and you are so obsessed with looks that you said when you get married you wouldn't be able so stand a girl without makeup even when your sleeping you want her to wake up earlier than you and get pretty before you see her face like WTF is wrong with you in general I just really really really really hate people

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