Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wtf boys

My boyfriend's definition of spending time with me is being at my house. He plays games, is on his phone, is sleeping, or were at the movies and the only way I gat to be with him is if I physically am sitting there next to him amusing myself. He hardly ever listens to me and he doesn't seem to appreciate all the things I do for him. I didn't put gas in my car because I forgot so naturally I asked him to drive me. He got annoyed that he had to drive me to my school which is literally 5 minutes away so that I could go to class. He says he kept telling me to get gas but he only told me twice and that wasn't even during our break times so there was nothing I could have done in that moment. As if he's never forgotten anything before, an as if i wouldn't have driven him if he didn't have gas. He locked his keys in his room and I got ready just to drive there to give him his spare and he can't take a few minutes of his precious time to drop me off to school! He doesn't do homework till the last minute he has plenty of opportunities before then to do it but he crams it all and that's why he has no time. I love him, but damn, I'm sorry that I wanted a few minutes of your time.

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