Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You chose #3

You search through your pockets and the small bag that you have with you, but your phone isn't there. Neither is your wallet, money, or license. There isn't a phone in the hotel room and you obviously can't call through a pay phone because you don't have any money. You decide to go looking on the street for some change. You search all over the side walks and eventually fine two dollars worth of change. You look around for a pay phone, but can't find one. You attempt to ask someone on the street but none of them understand you and all they do is nervously blabber some weird harsh language back at you. Your all alone. Your only friend would have been the young man that had tried to help you, but you turned him down. You walk helplessly back to the hotel unsure of what to do with yourself now. You walk into the front office and hand the cash to the lady begging to use her phone. She finally understands the gist of what your trying to ask, and hands over the office telephone. First you call your house and there's no answer. You leave a long message, but unsure of where you are you can't really tell them anything useful. You don't want to say too much about what has happened to you and put their lives in danger too. Then you try calling the emergency number that's listed on the phone, but again they don't understand a word your saying. Tired and hungry you set off to find a place to eat. Do you....
1) Eat and then try to find your way to the nearest airport.
2) Eat, stay and rest in the nice hotel room for a while and plan out your trip home.

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