Monday, September 10, 2012

So you chose 1

You say thanks but no thanks to the nice gentleman feeling a little scared. He looks at you confused and tries once more thinking that maybe you hadn't heard him correctly. He was offering to you help you to a hospital. You reject him again, and he begins to look a little scared and warns you not to talk to anyone else and get out as fast as you can. He then turns away and runs, never looking back. You think he's crazy, and aren't sure what to think about his last comment. You slowly lift yourself despite the searing pain and limp to a near by motel. The signs are in some other language that you don't recognize, but after some serious trouble you end up getting a room. You then are faced with a tough decision. Do you....
1) Try to get to the nearest drug store for some much needed medication and supplies.
2) Rest for a while, sleep  a little, and wait till morning to get the job done.
3) Try to call for help, contact family or friends.

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