Sunday, September 9, 2012


Your cold, and hungry. It's really dark out and after that deep sleep your pupils haven't really dilated yet. You try to look around you because that smell is defiantly NOT the smell of the safe warm house you live in with your husband and toddler Drew. Once your pupils adjust themselves it's almost as if someone switched on the lights. There's neon signs everywhere. Your in the wet curb of some city street and everyone is walking past you as if your a dirty whore. You glare back at them knowing that you have nothing to loose. You slowly try to raise yourself from the ground, but there is a sharp pain in your lower back and you fall straight back to the curb. It's been a month since you last saw your family. This journey began only a month ago and it seems like forever. Suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder. Instinctively, after all you've been through, you turn around and smack whoever it is straight in the nose. It's a young man and he's now bleeding quite a bit. He apologizes and offers to help you up and get you to a doctor. Do you.....
1) Ignore the young man and try to fend for yourself?
2) Agree to let the young man help you to the much needed medical care?

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