Saturday, January 26, 2013

The closet door won't close

I'm babysitting a dog. Her name is Leah. She and my dog are currently sleeping on my bed, and I'm not sure which one, but one of them has the smelliest farts in the entire world. I watch Dr.Phil to keep me company. Some people really piss me off. Why cant you care about the environment? There are things that I won't do, but I still love you. It's hard loosing weight. I feel like being this big makes me not feel good in my clothes anymore. I feel like I have to start school over every semester. I'm really nervous about school. I have a lot of classes that are required, but also a lot of classes that I want to take. That causes a problem for me. It looks like I'll be taking a lot of summer classes. I'm really happy at this school. I'm really happy taking all these classes. I love college and it's not something that I find difficult  because I want to be there and to take a ton of classes and to have a lot of work to do. It keeps me busy and I like that.

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