Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I haven't seen your face in a while.

I had a rough year senior year of high school. I'll admit that my bad attitude didn't really help. Of course, I had to be reminded of it this winter break. Oh yeah! Audi! We should totally hang out or do something together I miss you so much. No calls, no texts, no known psychic messages. WTF you think I am? Stupid? I knew you weren't ever going to try and hangout with me but what I didn't see coming were the one message from each of you asking to plan to hang out later.  How are we supposed to plan anything if you don't make an effort to make contact with me. The people that I thought weren't my friends ended up being the good friends. My best friends (other than Ari) ended up being the ones that never want anything to do with me. It's weird how things work out after high school. Please don't be an AH and message me when you don't really want to. Big thanks! Love Audi <3

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